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Why Accra needs a public mass transport
Accra being the state capital needs metro mass transport to reduce the huge and terrible traffic in our city ways. With the increased population in Accra as a result of job seeking avenues and migration has led to an increase in traffic congestion and slums development in Accra. Transpiration has now become a very significant part of human movement which when traffic intervenes can caused human loss of life in state of emergence. Numerous scholars, researchers, intellectuals and civil instructions have written huge number of articles on the flood incidence, the increased in Accra’s population but yet still there has not been a changes in this sectors with regards to the written articles or publication.  Rural arears or settlement which are endowed with numerous resources such as cheap labor provision and food provision to urban areas. This resources serves as a basket for urban development. Some might ask the question which are you involving rural settlements in this context. Rural communities, villages or areas are involved in this context because

  1. Migration to urban centers for white collar jobs seeking
  2. They have contributed massively to the urban population growth which has led to the development of slums in areas such old fadama and Ashaiman.
  3. One negative effect of this movement of rural forks to urban settlement is the underdevelopment of rural settlement as a result loss in population. Example there is a loss in the agricultural sector as result of loss of energetic youths in the village.

The traffic congestion can solved in the nation’s capital, Accra through the encouragement of public or metro mass transit system in the various sub cities of Accra. This issue of traffic congestion has led to reduction in production among companies
and industries as a result of lateness to work among workers
Also when this public mass transport is fully implemented in Accra it will prevent environmental pollutions and this project will ensure traffic reduction in our cities where every individual will queue for state transport system and discourage individual owned vehicles. It is the duty of the national commission of development planning and the Ghana institute of Planners to preplan our cities toward traffic and slums reduction and management as well.
The commission and the Ghana institute of planners needs to take into consideration that as human population increases they tend to look for goods and services to cater for themselves and Also Accra being the state capital where every Ghanaian wants to live as a result of it prestige attachment.
Accra needs a public mass transport in the sense that transport system will ensure easy and safe conveying of individuals from point to another and notwithstanding that this might led to reduction in the usage of the private commercial cars. Accra needs a public mass transport to ensure fast and reliable delivery of workers to their work place. Example with the state transport designated to alight at  a given bar stop can help reduce the incense of lateness at the work place.
Accra needs a public mass transport
The mass bus can be in the example above to ensure more before coverage.
The next chapter of Accra needs a public mass transport will becoming soon
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Mental self view and New Year's Resolutions-hypercitigh

Mental self view and New Year’s Resolutions
For as long as seven years I have composed passages on why New Year’s resolutions bomb and how to improve comes about. These articles have recommendations and accommodating techniques you can use for accomplishing any sort of behavioral-change objective you may have.
Whats then your Mental self view and New Year’s Resolutions about this year 2018?
if your  Mental self view and New Year’s Resolutions about 2018 is geared towards personal development in all areas of life, then you have to burn the night candle.

The current year’s version will concentrate on the part your mental self portrait plays into the achievement (or disappointment) of your New Year’s Goals (not resolutions).
Overall, just 8% of individuals who influence a New Year’s Resolution to prevail in a given year. Who do you believe will probably accomplish their objectives in the coming New Year? Somebody who was effective in their objective the earlier year, or somebody else? Some may state that there isn’t sufficient data given, as the previous’ objective may have been considerably simpler than the latter’s.
I would state it is without a doubt the previous, on the grounds that they now have prove that they can succeed, in this manner boosting their mental self view to that of a man who can accomplish their objectives. In the mean time the last now has prove that they neglected to achieve their objective, along these lines making hurt their mental self view and advancing the conviction that they are bad at defining and achieving their objectives.
On the off chance that you want to or can’t, you are most likely right. I generally tell my customers that you can’t beat your confidence in yourself. You generally perform up or down to your confidence in your capacities. This is the reason you regularly observe individuals (or groups) command for a greater part of an opposition just to lose at last. They never trusted they could win in any case, and therefore turn out to be right at last.
A decent case of this was the latest Super Bowl football game won by the New England Patriots. The Atlanta Falcons were smothering the Patriots so gravely that the vast majority thought the diversion was at that point chose at the halftime break. There is a major contrast amongst considering and accepting. I’m certain the Falcons “figured” they could win, however I am presently similarly beyond any doubt they didn’t “trust” they would win.
In the mean time the Patriots had played in various Super Bowl amusements in the previous twelve years, winning a few, including the one where they were going to lose yet figured out how to block a go at last zone in the last seconds to safeguard the win. The Patriots had a solid conviction they would win since they had involvement and proof to help their conviction.
Trusting you can accomplish your objective does not ensure that you will, but rather it is an essential for the individuals who do. Along these lines, my recommendation to you this year is to set a few little objectives to support your mental self portrait and faith in your capacity to accomplish your objectives, rather than doing what most do and set huge objectives they never genuinely trust they can achieve in any case. On the off chance that you have accomplishment with the little objectives you will in the end have a mental self portrait that is helpful for your accomplishing the greater objectives throughout your life.
Merry Christmas!
Mental self view and New Year's Resolutions
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How to Exam the page load time of any website

How to Exam the page load time of any website
How to Exam the page load time of any website
The page load time of any website or the page insights of a website or webpage determines the number of customers or users that maintains. More specifically the faster, lighter the website the higher it will work for audience use.
Most important the loading time of a website will sometimes tell it capacity and the method of optimization used. Any websites geared towards information delivery, business solution or services needs to load faster, Quicker, Easy navigations throughout the pages of that particular websites.
Facts or important notes about faster or Optimized websites or webpages

  1. Faster website gives quality user experience or ensures better user friendliness
  2. Faster or lighter websites or webpages rank higher in search results like google, Bing and yandex.
  3. Faster websites or webpages are improved user friendly when viewing on mobile versions
  4. Quicker websites transform easily when visiting.

With all this talks and notes, how can one identify whether websites load faster or loads slow.
There are four ways to test the page load time of any website

  1. Using pingdom tool

The pingdom provides free services by allowing websites owners, designers and the general public to test the load time of website by simply entering that particular website url.
With the pingdom tool you can measure the website performance in various countries, so you can assign the country you want to test the website speed on. And also with pingdom you can the individual component of  a website, where needs improvement.

  1. Test how much traffic your website or a website can handle

The page load time of any website can examined using load impact You can test the how much traffic your website or a website can handle through load impact tool.
With load impact you know the number of traffic a website can hold. With load impact test it takes a duration of five (5) minutes to finish testing and finally presents a chart graph summarizing the whole process.

  1. Using GTmetrix tool

How to Exam the page load time of any website
The page load time of any website can also be determined using GTmetrix tool. This tool is more specifically associated with content management system such as wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, with which wordpress is the greatest among them all in the system.
With GTMetrix tool the varius components such as the following will summarized after the page insights test

  1. Cascading style sheet (CSS) optimization
  2. Image or photos optimization
  3. Leverage caching browsing details
  4. JavaScript’s details

Furthermore, with GTmetrix there is a grading system that’s specifies a general score for the page load time of any website.
Picture here

  1. Using P3 (Plugin performance plugin) tool

The page load time of any website can determined using P3 Tool.
This tool is more associated with content management systems such as WordPress.  With this tool you can know the plugins eating up more loading time on the website. This plugins might slow done the website.
After the scan, the only way to ensure that your website is secured in a faster or quicker way, you need to remove some of the plugins eating up the website.

The role of knowledge Panel in band Promotion-Hypercitigh.com

The role of knowledge Panel in band Promotion-Hypercitigh.com
knowledge Panel in band Promotion
For businesses’, bands and individuals in higher social rank, class or status, the unique elementary Search Engine optimization (SEO) Strategy is to get a knowledge panel to represents their business so that they appear or ranked for a particular keyword searches on search engines.
Other people might not understand the term SEO (Search engine optimization).  SEO is the process and the procedure of making business, individuals and organization available in search results such as Google and Bing. SEO (Search engine optimization) covers areas such as structure data, rich snippets, AdWords (Paid Advertising by google) and many more and this task or work is performed by SEO experts. This strategy is the sole authority of every business prosperity and success.
knowledge Panel in band Promotion provides the avenue for this officials to appear on search results.
Google provides knowledge panel for business through the Google my Business platform where small, Medium and business on larger scales provides information about their business.
knowledge Panel in band Promotion
This elementary information collected by Google My Business involves Business logo, Working hours (8am-9pm), Locational address and Business category.
However also Bing also provides a knowledge through Bing my places and is good for business visibility across the global village.
Wikipedia also provides a knowledge panel for individuals, organization and Non-government bodies to enhance their appearance on search results.
Picture here
Everybody wants to appear in google, Bing and index search results. You may want appear on google, bing or yandex search results in order to promote your business, band or organization visibility on the internet.
Then follow this simple steps

  1. Sign up for google email account. Visit mail.google.com for account setup.
  2. Then move to the google my business page for business setup. Visit business.google.com
  3. Set in the various requirements, such as the Business name, working hours, Business address and can modify that through the address locator pick using the Google map tool.
  4. Choose business category. Example Newspaper online, Cosmetics store.
  5. Fill in the business telephone for customer reaching. +233267116168.

Moreover, knowledge panel in business promotion is significant in the following ways

  1. Makes business visible to search engines such as Google

knowledge Panel in band Promotion

  1. Makes Business, Organization and non- governmental bodies to unlock the rich features in Search engine optimization(SEO) available in googles base.
  2. Knowledge panel in band promotion helps organization reach more fans. Example they can view photos and other comprehensive data about the business.
  3. Knowledge panel can increase sales for ecommerce business. Example ecommerce websites.

Finally, knowledge Panel in band Promotion is very significant and essential for business, organization, Musicians and those who want to promote their brand.
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Co- founder of Webpela Web Solutions

How monitoring and evaluation plays a vital role in action planning

How monitoring and evaluation plays a vital role in action planning implementation

4.1 Introduction

This article talks about how the project will be monitored and evaluated, sustainability of the project, recommendation and finally conclusion. Monitoring and Evaluation are processes that keep an eye on the progress made in the implementation of programmes, projects or activities, as well as, ensure the optimum use of resources for the realization of the project activities, and to identify any issues as early as possible, and make the necessary changes as required.

4.2 Summary of Report

The whole idea about this action plan is to solve the problem of improper disposal of refuse in north- north western Asokore Mampong by providing them with an 3 more additional skip container which will be placed at a vantage point (distances not more than 200 metres) for easy access by the community members. The plan will be implemented within a year and the stake holders involved will be the district health officer, assemblyman, educationalist from the Asokore Mampong education circuit, opinion leader as a representatives for the community a member of the unit committee and the traditional authority. The total cost for the project is supposed to cost Gh¢ 129,900.00 and this will be funded mainly from the district assembly funds. In other to attain the best result, monitoring will be done throughout the implementation process and evaluation will be conducted three times within the year. This will help bring proper feedback for the project.

4.3 Monitoring

To make sure that the project is carried out according to the plan there is the need to keep track of the project. Quality assurance would also be an underpinning measure of the output of activities especially with project sustainability. Time would also not be compromised hence efforts would be made to ensure that all activities under the project are on schedule. The table below illustrates the monitoring framework to be adopted. Monitoring would be done by the project team, the. monitory would be done at each stage of the implementation schedule. The main purpose of monitoring is to support the day-to-day management of a project but there are additional reasons for monitoring;

  • To continuously track progress during implementation and to ensure that each task is implemented as planned to achieve the assumed outputs
  • To reassess the goals and objectives
  • The plan is making a satisfying progress towards our goal of ensuring good sanitary conditions.
  • To facilitate wider stakeholder awareness and participation
  • To account for the use of resources against the activities
  • To provide basic data for more periodic evaluative processes

4.4 Evaluation

Evaluation is the analysis or assessment of the impact of a project and comparison of actual progress vis-a-vis prior plans, oriented toward improving plans for future implementation. It is part of a continuing management process, ideally with each following the other in a continuous cycle until successful completion of the activity. Aforementioned earlier all things been equal, it is expected that;

  • The high incidence of malaria would be reduced drastically.
  • The pocket of refuse dotted all over the place would be cut off.
  • It will help reduce the problem of poor drainage system since it would allow free flow of

How monitoring and evaluation plays a vital role in action planning
How monitoring and evaluation plays a vital role in action planning is a very crucial part of project implementation and assessment in order to yield expected output

liquid waste.

  • Also improve upon the poor sanitary conditions which has bedeviled the community.

4.5 Sustainability

This refers to strategic measures to be adopted to keep the project in check for a long period of time and also ensure maximizing of its intended purpose. How monitoring and evaluation plays a vital role in action planning is a very crucial part of project implementation and assessment in order to yield expected output
Below are some realistic measures to see that happen;

  • The Assembly should ensure that full skips are transferred to landfills to be emptied;
  • There should also be periodic and unannounced visits to the community by district sanitary inspector; and
  • The community should also make use of the facility effective by making sure that all refuse are emptied into the skip containers to serve the purpose for which it was provided.

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How an action plan for a specific project is implemented?

How an action plan for a specific project is implemented?

3.1 Introduction

This article emphasizes on the steps involved in the implementation of the chosen alternative for the action plan. This chapter will also encompass the institutions involved, the roles performed by each of them, the project costing and finally the sources of funding for the project.

3.2 Project Implementation Schedule

The action plan is drawn within a certain time frame which is usually a year. The action plan is set to commence from April 2016 to March 2017. The table below shows when various activities would be implemented in the course of the year.

3.2.1 Formation of Project Team

A project is a group of individuals who usually belong to different groups, functions and are assigned to activities for the same project in the bid of contributing toward achieving a common taskThe team shall consist of 7 member committee of diverse background and they would be responsible for the day to day coordination of the project.
The team shall include the environmental health officer of the Municipal Assembly, the Assembly man of the area, an educationalist from the Asokore Mampong education circuit, a representative from zoomlion Ghana limited, a member from the unit committee, an opinion leader as a representative of the community and also a member representing the traditional authority. The team shall be headed by the Municipal environmental health officer.
The project team manager would play a primary role in the project, and is responsible for its successful completion. The manager’s job is to ensure that the project proceeds within the specified time frame and under the established budget, while achieving its objectives. Project managers make sure that projects are given sufficient resources, while managing relationships with contributors and stakeholders
How an action plan for a specific project is implemented? How an action plan for a specific project is implemented?


3.3 Time – Activity Matrix

The time activity matrix shows the time periods with which activities will be executed in the implementation process. The time frame for this action plan is within a year.

 Table 3.1 Time Activity Matrix of the Plan

May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April
Formation of 7 member committee                        
Resource mobilization                        
Acquisition of skip containers                        
Sensiti-zation and awareness creation                        
Handing over

Source: Author’s Construct April, 2017

3.4 Institutional Framework

The communication between institutions in the implementation of projects is very important as it enables information dissemination between concerning parties. This allows for effecting monitoring and evaluation of projects and efficient accountability of public funds. The institutional framework for this project is illustrated in figure 3.1

Figure 3.1 Institutional Framework

Source: Author’s construct April, 2017

3.5 Role Casting

The successful implementation of this project is dependent on five stake holders. Each of these institutions would either perform single or multiple roles for the success implementation of the project. The roles to be performed by these institutions include funding, acquisition of skips and monitoring and evaluation. The table 3.2 below presents the roles of these stakeholders

Table 3.2 Role Casting

Provision of Funds Mobilization of Funds Acquisition of skips Sensitization
awareness creation
Monitoring and Evaluation
Municipal Assembly          
Project Team          
Traditional Authority          
Zoomlion Ghana          

Source: Author’s construct April, 2017
Monitoring of the project will be done throughout the implementation process by the unit committee members, traditional authority and the district assembly but evaluation will be conducted three times within the year. The traditional authority will see to the proper management of the skip containers by the members of the community.

3.6 Sources of funds

For every project to exist there should be various sources of funds since money is the main tender behind the accomplishment of the project. Some of the sources of funding for the reduction in improper solid waste disposal project are;

Table 3.3 Sources of Food

Institutions Percentage covered (%) Amount (GHcedis)
Municipal Assembly 70 78,988.00
Donors Agencies 20 35,608.00
Communal Contribution 10 15,304.00
Total 100 129,900.00

Source: Author’s Construct April, 2017

3.7 Cost Analysis

Below is the total breakdown of all cost and expenditures to be spent during the entire duration the plan would be implemented;

Quantity / No. of people Amount
(per unit) Gh¢
Total (Gh¢)
Awareness creation
Renting of venues
and hiring
Public Address systems
3 months
70 per day
Total     6,300.00
Three 12m3 Skip Containers 3 12,000 36,000.00
Transportation 3 800.00 2,400.00
Regular Emptying 4 months 1,500 15,000.00
Total     53,400.00
Project Team ex-gracia 7               2,000 14,000
Miscellaneous              800 800.00
Contingencies                 –                2,000 2,000.00
Total Project Cost     129,900.00

Table 3.4 Cost Analysis

Source: Author’s Construct April, 2017

Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools –hypercitigh

Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools –hypercitigh
Plagiarism is the process of copying an article, document or a text from a online source or an original author of a product without proper sourcing or giving reference or an attribute to the article owner.
Hence in context we are looking at Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools that can be used to eliminate copied sources or trends from an article or a text document. There this means that this tools can help one to

  1. Eliminate plagiarism trends or traces in a given publication’s or work.
  2. Can help to rewrite an article properly.

Plagiarism checker, detector is software that are operated both on local and online sever for detecting plagiarized content. This tools are normally software, online websites that help in accomplish this wonderful task. This software’s or programs are used by intellectuals to verify the integrity of an article or a publication.
Plagiarism (lifting) is extremely insupportable act in the realm of intellectualism and the community of digital. This act has been the down fall of many respected firms, business, scholars, organizations and students in the academic field of publications and article writing.
With the help of modern technology and science has made the world a global village where firms, business, scholar have access a system and community of larger database to improve teaching, learning and researching more significantly and effectively. This system and community is the internet which has connected over billions of people all over the globe.  With this wonderful community communication is very easy and cheaper among all countries.
The Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools available on the internet that helps scholars, firms, NGOs, researches and academic institutions are

  1. Dupli Checker

Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools
This tool provides a good range of services where a registered member can scan copy a text, document from his laptop for free. The registered individual can do fifty plagiarism checks in a day.
2 Paper Rater
Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools
This is three online in one plagiarism checker which gives services in

  1. Plagiarism checking
  2. Vocabulary building
  3. Grammar check errors.

This platform offers both paid and free version submission of article or contents online.
Example the free version can go along way of 5 pages’ submission only.

  1. Plagiarisma

This is popular plagiarism online checker community that is widely used by all categorized of professionals.
Example: student, teachers, lawyers, bankers and many more.
With this tools the copied is checked by it url structure and community of file upload. This tool has it extensions available in the firefox and Google chrome internet browser.
This tool also offers free and paid subscription or version and it supports over 180+ languages world wide.
5 Plagiarism checker
This tools is extremely free plagiarism checker that determines whether the submitted content is plagiarized or lifted from on online directory.
One most significant and happy aspect of a copied content article give confidence of ownership and also prevents destruction in approval of research work.
Therefore If you are looking completely free plagiarism checker, then you should opt for this platform.
Therefore if you are an article writer, researcher, or a blogger and wants to write free content copy then you visit websites to check your contents.
Finally with five free and premium plagiarism checkers you can write article and rewrite without facing plagiarized contents or problems in it publication
this images are also about plagiarism checker tools available on the internet for intellectuals usage
Top five (5) Plagiarism checker tools

Think outside of the Box-www.Hypercitigh.com

Think outside of the Box-www.Hypercitigh.com
“Unless you are endeavoring to attempt to one thing on the far side what you have effectively down, you may ne’ergrow.”– Ronald E. Osborn*
This quote has trigged me to leave my comfort zone and do something new*_ and you might as well do same…….
Life usually shifts between feeling such as you have it all puzzled out and such as you unskilled person the least bit.
The beauty of life area There are always challenges, whether it’s with building a strong career, or a better you. Luckily, every experience (regardless of whether great or terrible) winds up showing you something. The magnificence of life region unit the open doors round the corner to choose you up exactly once required.
It is time we come to the realization as students that until we envisage beyond the lecture halls 60% of our aspirations and goals might become *nightmare* trust me; if you look around, the global pressure oozing in and out finding space in this competitive world would be disparaging to do the old things which is known to everyone. It takes multidimensional strength to maximize destiny. Thus a bit of everything when harnessed properly would build your ability to do more and relatively stand out! A bit here synchronizes the capacity of learning and getting equipped with new abilities outside one’s comfort zone.
Taking risks to venture into sometime new would earn you the fortune your desire. As the old adage goes, “the cave you fear would hold the treasure you desire.” Without character and focus to pursue the height you much desire, it would be cumbersome to reach the destination.

I believe the university is for value addition and enhancement of one’s skill and abilities. It just like raw material been processed or refined into a semi-finished or finished product. So friends the university doesn’t make us but through enhancement, value addition, character and focus you get to live the bidding you so much desire.
Just as Henry Ford rightly puts  it “Vision without execution is just hallucination.” In as much as the zeal and drive to achieve as against a pre-determined plan is akin, it is imperative on you to stay focus pursuant of one’s aspirations and goals.
Think outside the Box
I edge you to get off your shelves, kick off procrastination, have purpose of clear sense of core goals and priorities and learn something new every day.

[addthis tool=addthis_recommended_horizontal]

The late boxing legend Mohammed Ali buttress the ideals in his analogy that “champions aren’t made in gyms, champions are made from something they have deep inside them; a desire, a dream, a vision.”
Also do you know you can Think outside the Box by bringing new creative solution to emerging societal issues/problems that might or may hider development in a given community. Brainstorming is also a motivator and also a catalyst of thinking outside the box. Never be stacked on one specified area of knowledge, profession, business or field but rather if it will be possible be universal
Source: Aibi 18/www.hypercitigh.com