IT PAYS TO BE HONEST Once in a compound house lived five families, of which Mr. And Mrs. Brako and their five children peacefully lived. They were Christians and as such was very meticulous about speaking the truth and once. The other tenant seems to be the opposite, they every time opposed Mr. Brako and […]

Must Read for Growth: 99% Would Not Do

Must Read for  Growth: 99% Would Not Do To humans, 80% success or prosperity in a given profession or field may be applauded, much admired, highly praised or commended. This illustrates why most academic organizations or institutions grade or award 80% and above as Mark of Excellence or Distinctions in both internal and External Examinations. […]

The making of a star by Dr. Pastor David Oyedepo

The making of a star by Dr. Pastor David Oyedepo Ecclesiatics1:9 There is nothing new under the sun that means there have always been stars on the Planet Earth and there will always be stars. And so when we talk about, the making of stars. That already suggest, recommend or propose that there is process, […]